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Canon's Adorable Cake Smash | Chester, SC

Like many children, Canon was a little scared of getting his cake on him. Just look at that inquisitive expression on his face! "Mom, are you SURE this is ok?" Mom bribed him with cheerios by putting them on top of the cake. We made duck noises, we played peek-a-boo, I sent my husband to grab a tablet full of toddler games, we got out the rubber duckies and bubbles, we did everything we could to try an ease him into the cake and out of a tantrum, but Canon has a very strong personality! And that's certainly not a bad thing. In fact, some of his crying pictures are equally as cute as the smiles we had about 1 minute to capture. Mom worked hard for those smiles, and left the shoot feeling a little bit defeated. I assured her we got some good ones, and I immediately went to work on a few I could share on a facebook sneak peek for her. I don't normally do those, but I felt this was needed to ease her mind a little. I really did just want to hug her!

I share this story, because it's actually very typical for a 1st birthday cake smash session. In fact, it happens more often than not, so don't walk away from your one year old's cake smash session feeling defeated! Stay positive! :) Your toddlers are amazing even when they are crying, and when you look back on your pictures years from now you'll appreciate the inquisitiveness, the tantrums, the crying, & the "off" looks. All of the growing pains are worth it just like our child birth pains ;). Cake smash sessions can really be some of the best at showing the range of emotions 1 year olds typically go through, and I love being able to capture it all!

Here are a few more from this cute boy's cake smash session. These were done in my home studio in Chester, SC. I still have a lot to do to my studio to get it looking exactly like I want it to, but I am now accepting customers here. There has also been a good bit of progress on the Fort Mill studio. Tim Williams and I of William's Photography will be taking clients there soon as well, so be on the look out for that! I also need to mention Ink and Elm from Etsy. The white wood is actually a vinyl backdrop, and with the right aperture settings it looks so real! (The molding is from Home Depot.)

If you are interested in booking a cake smash session contact me today! I only do these in studio, because many times the set up can require a lot of different pieces, and the set up can be quite laborious depending on your chosen theme.

Everyone have a cake smashing day!


Jennifer Brecheisen

Your friendly neighborhood cake smash photographer serving York SC, Rock Hill SC, Lancaster SC, Chester SC, Chester SC, and Charlotte NC!

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