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Shooting the sparkler exit is one of the shortest but also one of the most important parts of the wedding day.  Many times it's thrust upon you when the wedding itinerary states it will be at another time.  Being prepared is important! Download the checklist above for some things to remember, and watch the video below for my own starting settings and tips!

What Is Your Vision?

The  sparkler exit should always match your artistic vision for a client's wedding along with their album.  

When I think of sparkler exits I see a story within itself. I see 2 main characters between secondary characters, so I try to show that in the way that I shoot.

Lauren + Josh 925 May 20, 2017fb.jpg

What Are Your Settings? 

Your vision will dictate your lenses, additional equipment, and your settings. 

Don't just shoot it.  Shoot it with a clear plan in place.  What settings will facilitate your vision for their particular love story? 

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