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After Taking This Course, you'll know how to:

PREPARE  your lighting and scene to maximize PROFIT and WORKFLOW!

PRICE your mini-sessions AND  UPSELL for PROFITABILITY!

PROVIDE excellent client experiences!

PHOTOGRAPH with consistency!

PLAN your marketing to book up 100%



What You'll Get:

  • My complete system, step-by-step!

  • Email Templates

  • Worksheets with every module.

  • Backend client gallery walk-through for upselling

  • Hours of video lessons

  • Client guides

  • Pricing walkthrough - How much should I charge? When should I charge more?

  • Marketing strategies

  • Deep Dive into using themed backdrops - how to light and edit for efficiency

  • Live editing session where I edit and cull an entire session in 15 minutes!

  • On location videos of lighting/background diagnosing

  • At least 6 modules:

    • Shooting

    • Editing

    • Marketing

    • Planning

    • Communication

    • Pricing



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  • have a degree in business with a specialization in entrepreneurial studies!

  • I am a homeschooling mama!

  • I have 4 crazy, sweet kids!

  • I have a passion for God, family, and photography!

  • I grew up with a father who was a photographer, so I've pretty much been one my entire life, but professionally I bring 7 years of experience to the table.

  • I LOVE statistics and the business aspect of running my own business. 

  • I'm the person that always has her nose in a book or leafing through old photographs.

  • I am an artist with a background in painting and drawing. 

  • I developed a love for art as a young child!

  • I realized my love for teaching photography early on in my career with my one-on-one mentorships.

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