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Apollo is 9 months!!

My sweet baby is now 9 months old. In his short little life he's seen mountains to oceans all the way from Florida to North Carolina. At one month old we took him camping at Chimney Rock. (Note: Don't take a child camping in a tent on an uncomfortable air mattress no matter how nice it is while breastfeeding! Oh how miserable I was.) At 2 months old in October, we took our family vacation down to Panama City Beach, Florida, and he got in the ocean and the sand. He was quite mesmerized with his stark blue eyes just taking it all in! At 9 months we took him to Sumter National Forest and Oconee State Park where we trekked through the woods and trails to view Yellowbranch Falls, Isaaqueena Falls, and Brasstown Falls. We took turns carrying him and our camera gear. Phew!! What an experiene.

These picutres were taken at The Living Farm in King's Mountain State Park. I was helping a friend with some midday ideas for shooting with different camera and flash settings, so I thought I would get a couple of quick shots of him in front of an old house while we were there. If you'll notice there are color variations between the photos of him closer to the door and pulled out from the door just a few feet. I left my camera in auto white balance mode, since I was shooting raw, and I figured I would point that out for the fellow photo enthusiasts.

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