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Charlotte, NC Nikah + Walima | Wedding Photography by Jennifer Brecheisen | Fazal + Nikhath

Charlotte nc islam muslim wedding photographer Nikah walima

Nikki and Fazal had a beautiful Nikah and Walima in Charlotte, NC! Their guests flew in from New York and Atlanta, GA. This was the first Islamic Wedding I've ever shot, so it was quite a learning experience for me culturally. They celebrated their Nikah at ISGC, and then had their celebratory dinner afterwards at Lazeez Mediterranean Restaurant. The food and staff there were so amazing and accommodating! We were served right along with the guests something like a 7 course meal! My favorite thing there was what I believe is a Limonana, a frozen beverage that's very popular in the Middle East. The next day they celebrated their Walima (like our western receptions) at King of Spicy in Charlotte, NC. Once again the food was great, and the atmosphere was fantastic. I cannot stress enough how loving both of these families are, and they treated not just each other, but all of us wedding vendors with the utmost respect. I have never felt so welcome at a wedding! Nikki and Fazal are so loving and dedicated to their beliefs with so much family support,

Charlotte nc Nikah wedding photographer islam muslim Indian

Walima Charlotte nc photographer