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How To Update Your Nikon Z9 Firmware Via Snapbridge

I don't know about you, but I really hate long intros for something that I want to get to quickly and easily, especially if it's something I only need a refresher on. In my video, I jump right in and show you exactly how to update your Z9 firmware with the Nikon Snapbridge app.

I also hate watching videos when I could read how to do something quicker. Here are the steps for those like me:

1.) Make sure your camera battery is fully charged and the memory card in your camera is formatted. (Formatting deletes all info on that card.)

2.) Download the Snapbridge App to your phone.

3.) Turn your camera on and go to Connection Settings (Wrench Menu - Connect to smart device)

4.) Pair via bluetooth on the camera

5.) Go to Pair with camera on your app and select that camera

6.) Click OK on the camera

7.) Go to Wrench Menu, Connect to Smart Device, and Choose the camera you are using via bluetooth.

8.) Once your connection is established, it will tell you that you have new firmware available if you need update in top right. Click go.

9.) Read through Nikon's info and screens and click accept and download.

10.) Don't move your camera or phone while the process is going.

11.) Your camera will tell you a new firmware is downloaded and ask if you want to update. Click ok.

12.) Leave your camera alone, don't turn it off, and it will take about 5-10 minutes to update your firmware.

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