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I am so excited to share a new product I'm offering for my babies/toddlers, AND this book is perfect for engagements to have for people to sign at receptions! This book will be available for purchase separately, but it is included in my 1st Year of Life Collection. Every book comes with a fully customizable box, and they are Made in Italy by GraphiStudio! They are all lay-flat with continuous binding and thick pages.


Your Baby Book can be fully customized from the box down to the details such as the ribbon! You have the option to choose from 3 different book sizes: 8x8, 8x12, or 9.5x9.5. The book featured above is 8x8. You have 29 colors to choose from for your box, and the material is a glorious lamination to touch! Color overprinting is available for your box and book or you could choose a raised foil or varnish. You also have the option to have a wrap around cover photo for your book! There are 28 colors of beautiful sateen ribbon to choose from.

You have 3 photographic paper options for your baby book: lustre, metallic, or tintoretto. In addition to that you have the option to get matte or glossy lamination for your pages! The prints above are tintoretto paper with offset indigo printing. Tintoretto paper is a beautifully textured matte paper.

The backing of the inside of your box can be a solid color or a print from your session like the one featured in this article. The box protects your baby book, but is also a wonderful way to display your book with style and finesse!

I love being able to offer premium products such as these and proud to be a partner with leading album makers such as Graphi and RedTree! Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Please reach out if if you have any questions or would like to book a session with me!!


Jennifer Brecheisen

Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer for the greater Charlotte area

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