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MAKE $1000 NEXT MONTH WITH MINI SESSIONS! | Professional Photography Tips

It will only take 10 sessions at $100 to make $1000, but you have to put the work in ahead of time! That’s why this video is titled NEXT month rather than THIS month. Maybe you have summer vacation you want to plan for your family and need to do this 2 or 3 months in a row, or maybe you have a lens you want to save up for. Whatever your reason, it can be easy to bring in that extra $1000 with a good idea and advanced planning.

I will be covering these topics in much more depth in my online course that will be coming out in the summer or fall of this year. If you want to be notified first make sure and sign up for my email list in the description. I will be doing an introductory deal for course pre-orders in the coming months for the first people who sign up.

1.) The first thing you want to do is think of your theme for your area. Here we have peach blossoms that will bloom in march. It’s very short-lived, and you have to be flexible, but people will pay premium to get shots with these. Think about what you have around your area that is scarce, limited, etc. You can also create added scarcity by limiting your sessions. Only 5 or only 15 on these dates for this price.

2.) Ideally you’ll want to do a promo shoot 4-6 weeks in advance to advertise with on social media or in your email list etc. For your promo shoot you can reward past clients by photographing them for free for you to advertise with. OR you can use friends and family. I do not advocate free shoots for friends and family any other time, so this is perfect for you to keep the ball in YOUR court. Diversity is important in not only bringing in new clients, but also just representing your own community to the fullest. I recommend having a few different models for your promo shoot for those 2 reasons.

3.) Get your base minis contract ready to go at this point. Make sure things like your non-refundable retainer fee, total fee, delivery of images, gallery time, turnaround time, etc is all mentioned. Different states have different laws on contracts. You need to make sure that you cover yourself as much as possible. Of course after date and time are decided you will want to include that in each individual contract and then send out to client.

4.) Then you’ll make your flyer and advertise. Making your flyer can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. I have a download available for free.

You have to have photoshop and a little knowledge to make changes to it. You can purchase flyer templates online, which I recommend or build them from scratch. What is important is that you include all pertinent information on there. Make your flyers in the format best suited for the platform you will be posting on. For instance if you’re promoting on ig it would be good to make it square or landsacape format so it shows the whole picture in the feed. If advertising on pinterest you’ll want to maximize it’s potential by making it vertical. You’ll also want to check the best sizes for each platform. Or you could go square and just it across ig, fb, pinterest, etc.

Include a variety of pics on the flyer to reach the most amount of people as possible. Make sure it’s a very cohesive design and the pics flow well together.

5.) Advertise as soon as possible. If you have an email list, roll it out to them first and let them know they have 1 week to book before you roll it out to the public. Then roll it out to the public with the info of how many spots you have left after your email campaign. Post early that day and late to get the most amount of views. Don’t bombard after that. Wait a few days before posting again and with updated numbers. You’ll likely be full after those 3 postings, but if not wait about a week and advertise again!

I hope these tips help you bring in an extra $1000 next month! Let me know what you plan to do with your extra money in the comments section!



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Cover Photo by the talented Bekah Brown Photography.

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