• Jennifer Brecheisen

Mother's Day Family Shoot @ Glencairn Gardens | Rock Hill, SC

The Mccammon's are The American Dream Family!

Soooo let me explain. Liz and David are one of the happiest married couples I've ever met. After so many years together just look at how in love they are! They have 2 kids, Sarah and Jason. Sarah contacted me last minute to plan a special Mother's Day Session, and fortunately I was here this weekend instead of the casinos in NC. There is this wonderful, unbreakable bond in this family. They are loving, open, and very close to one another. I was so honored to share an hour with them! True happiness and love are always so easy to photograph, even at 12 noon!

Liz is a true teacher. Teaching is in her blood and bones. She talks about her students as if they were her own children, and she has a deep love for spreading knowledge. She teaches 6th graders! Respect! That's a tough age to be and to teach.

David is family man, hard working, loves his wife immensely, and he's very punctual and observant of his family and their traits. He knows them very well. Apparently he makes doughnuts for dinner! (Inside joke haha.)

Sarah has a warm, bubbly, and ecstatic personality. I think all of those characteristics are translated through her pictures! She is also a natural beauty inside and out.

Jason is the most reserved of the bunch. He was very nice and respectful, and definitely a champ at putting up with my reflector at 12 noon!

Photographer's Notes

My son, Jacob, assisted me with this shoot. He carried my bags and held my omega reflector. He's gotten to be a really great assistant, and I soooo look forward to working with him on my shoots other than weddings! All images were taken between 11:30AM and 12:35PM. We used open shade for most of the shoot, but we also got adventurous and shot part of it in the sun with the reflector. Generally I have my subjects close their eyes until my settings are locked in and my shot is composed, so I don't burn out their retinas! 12PM can be BRIGHT with a reflector. I stayed around f4 for most of it except for the individual or couple shots, and of course I went wide open since that is my general preference. As usual I used my favorite go-to lens, the magical 85.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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