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The Road to the Future

When my husband and I were first dating we took a trip to the mountains in NC. We explored Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain in the few days we were there, and we happened upon this amazing little campground named Jessup Mill. One night as we were driving back to the campground, lost on back roads with no gps signal no less, the sunset just grabbed our attention. We had to stop and snap some images. My tripod was nowhere to be found, so what does any photographer do in a pinch? They find something to use to capture the beauty or they lay on the ground! It was so great. Here we are in the middle of nowhere lying on the ground composing images when a woman looks outside of her house and sees us! She yells over at us and we begin a conversation to learn that she was about to call 911 due to the fact that, "All I saw was a young girl lying in the middle of the road!" Of course there is a thick mountain, country accent involved in all of this as well, which was quite cute and endearing. Anyway, we did not get run over and we did manage to make it back to the campground that night. Phew!

This image has such value to me, because this is the weekend we decided to get married. We had only been dating for a few weeks, but we just knew we were right for one another! This is our Road to the Future. The future (from that point on) for us has been an amazing adventure and a blessing!

About the Image:

This was actually 3 bracketed images merged in photomatix to create an HDR effect. It is also a composite, because I went in and erased the bottom (road part) and added in road from another image to better fuse the background to the foreground.

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