• Jennifer Brecheisen

Best Places To Take Professional Family, Senior, Headshot Photos In Or Around Rock Hill, SC

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLACES to take pictures in Rock Hill, SC or anywhere, for that matter, are places I've never been before. My creative juices are really flowing when I'm in a new location, and I THRIVE on challenges. That's part of the lure for photographers. While it's always usually easier to take pictures when we know the location and what the light will be doing at certain times at that location, it's not as interesting. With that out of the way, I will dive into the best places to take photographs in or around Rock Hill, SC, and I will list the pros and cons of each one.



PROS: Glencairn gardens, located in Rock Hill, SC, can be an amazing place for your spring or fall family, headshot, portrait, senior or children's setting. The colors those 2 times are magnificent. There is such a variety of scenery as well from the lakes and flowers to the fountains and brick on the veteran's memorial.

CONS: Everyone gets photos taken at Glencairn Gardens, so you may have to wait around for certain spots. Logistically this can be bad, because you've booked your photographer for a certain amount of time. Waiting around for a couple of spots you want can yield very little photos for your session. In addition, you've effectively chosen the spot that everyone else has chosen. Now if you have a good photographer, they can make it look like you are anywhere, but if not it looks like you just had your pics taken where everyone else does.







PROS: Gorgeous, fun, and creative shots can be done day or night!! With the right equipment your photographer can snap some stunning images of you!! I've been out there at sunset, during rain, snow, you name it! It never ceases to to be a gorgeous backdrop.

CONS: Once again this is a very touristy spot, and there will be tons of people milling around and getting in your shots. You will have to be patient, but also ready to smile as soon as your photographer says so! There can also be added costs to this spot in particular. There will almost always be people in the background in some form or fashion at the best shooting times. Your photographer will find the best spot for you, but you have to be willing to pay for people removal in the background if this is your chosen location for photos.

The photos below are from a family session before the couple left for Africa for a wedding to attend.

The photos below are of a beautiful teen wanting color guard photos. I really wanted to capture the fountain and the movement of the water and flags. This was a very beautiful shoot and girl!!

bestcolorguardphotos seniorphotographerrockhillsc

The following images were taken at Fountain Park in Rock Hill, SC. Danielle and Rolanda wanted their formals taken here. Man did it rain! I loved it, because it added so much to their wedding shoot!








This is by far one of my favorite places to take photos. Since I've already added more traditional photos in this post I thought I would include some of my "artsier" ones as well!

PROS: There is lots of space to shoot, and the sunflowers bloom for a good long while. This means you don't have to fight over spots too much.

CONS: BEES (of course). It's a bit off a hike to the sunflowers. I would't recommend it for the elderly for family photos.

The below photos are my own beautiful children! We just got our new prisms and toys in, and this was our first outing with them. I brought my "crystal ball" along with me, and my teenage son burnt my behind with it!!

These images are from 2 sessions on the same day! The gorgeous Tajha, and a beautiful maternity session.



This is an honorable mention, because it is about a 45 minute drive from Rock Hill, SC.

PROS: It's definitely worth it if you're up for the drive! There are farm animals, beautiful greenery, old buildings, and sometimes a really cool field.

CONS: The fee here can be ridiculous some years. It is almost always crowded with photographers. It's 45 minutes from Rock Hill.

The below images are a Same Sex Family/Lifestyle session in King's Mountain, NC at the Living History Farm.