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Get a black background anywhere!

Beautiful spring lillies!! With this I was wanting to take a semi-minimalist shot of a single flower, so I grabbed the gear and the baby and headed about 5 feet out my front door. I feel that there is such beauty to a singular flower against black. We didn't really use a black background. I just changed some camera settings and voila! These were taken in super bright sunlight, but with the shutter turned up so far, the flash becomes the only light.

What I used:

Nikon D600

Nikon sb600

Yongnuo yn622ntx trigger and receiver


flash stand or manually hold the flash

Gary Fong Power Snoot to focus the light in that one little area


Aperture: f16-f20-You really just need to take the aperature down until your screen is black, so test that before adding any additional flash.

Flash: Full Power, +3, zoomed all the way in

Shutter: 1/4000

The 3rd photo featured shows what the background really looked like and was shot at f7.1, 1/4000.

photographer rock hill sc

photographer rock hill sc

photographer rock hill sc

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, feel free to email me. :)

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