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10 Make-Up Tips For Your Photoshoot

As someone with "bad skin" I know all too well the trepidation and worry when getting photographs done. I wanted to provide some tips on how I deal with my own skin when preparing for a shoot. Even if you have nearly flawless skin, this article will help you achieve better photos. Here is a print out for you to have handy for yourself, or if you have others being photographed with you.

Weeks leading up to the shoot

1.)Preparing your face for your shoot actually starts a few weeks in advance! Consuming adequate amounts of water is crucial to acheiving good skin for your photos. Water not only hydrates the skin, but it also helps to excrete the toxins in your body that can come through the skin. I don't know about you, but I much prefer my bowels to deal with this than my skin!

2.)Wash your face, and remove make up daily in the weeks leading up to your shoot. These are things that should be done daily anyway, and most of you probably already do them, but if not, give yourself a couple of weeks to get on the ball.

The day of the shoot.

1.) Moisturize your face with one that is for your skin type. Moisturizing your face helps to keep your skin soft and supple.

2.) Prime your face before putting your make up on. Priming your face, much like priming a canvas, helps the make up go smoothly over your face, and will help to minimize pores.

3.) Use an oil mattifier to cut down on the shine. Reducing the shine will help when the light catches it or bounces off of it.

4.) Concealer is your best friend! Personally I get a concealer that is a couple shades lighter than my foundation color to put under my eyes. It's always great to dab it on softly just like with anything else you do with the under eye skin. Make sure to use it on any blemishes you have as well.

5.) Full Coverage Foundation is always a good idea unless you have nearly flawless skin. In that case, I would recommend a light foundation to help even out the skin tones.

6.) Powder powder powder! Along with the oil mattifier, powder greatly reduces shine and helps to lock in the foundation.

7.) Contouring with the "three" is pretty customary to help bring out your cheek bones and to draw in your cheeks to get that high prominant cheek bone look. It also helps reduce the appearance of a double chin. Personally, I also contour one line down my throat to further diminish the double chin look.

8.) Color needs to be put on a *teeny bit heavier. That's not to say you should go overboard.

9.) Steer away from skin/bronzer products that have shine or sheen to them. The light will bounce off of these and possibly create an oily effect.

10.) You don't have to spend a fortune on great products! I found Elf brand primer to be comparable to smashbox's normal primer. I've found other Elf brand primers to be even better than some of Smashbox's. For example, Elf's color corrector exceeds Smashbox in my experience and is a fraction of the price. I paid $42 for Smashbox's, and I paid $6 for Elf's. Of course, if you're not going to use all of these on a regular basis, then contacting a MUA may be a better option for you, and make sure to tell them it's for a photoshoot. A good MUA will know exactly how to prepare your face!

I hope you found this article helpful, and as always please contact me if you have any questions!

Jennifer Brecheisen


Rock Hill SC

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