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10 Tips to Prepare for Your In-Home Newborn Photo Session

Newborn sessions generally need to be done within the first 10 days of his/her life to get that "sleepy curly" stage of life. It's a good idea to book your newborn session a few months in advance. This will give you time to find the perfect photographer for the job if you don't already have a trusted one that you work with. It's important to get this done in advance, so the the day or 2 after giving birth you can just call your photographer and schedule it. Most photographers will require a deposit upon booking, and that will also already be taken care of. This will help to ease you and lower your stress and responsibilities.

In-home sessions are also a wonderful way to lower your stress, especially since you will not be feeling 100% the days after giving birth. Here are some tips to help the shoot go smoothly!

1.) Clean a small area around 5x5 feet in the location that the photos will be done-most likely near a window. Have your husband move the furniture out of the way, etc for that small spot. If your house is messy WHO CARES? The photographer surely will not care about the cleanliness of your home directly after giving birth, so please do not stress yourself by cleaning your house top to bottom! We only ask that we have a little room to work with where will put the bean bag/backdrop etc.

2.) Feed your newborn after we arrive while we are setting up. This will help him/her sleep and be nice and comfy! My newborn shoots are scheduled at a minimum of 2 hours shooting time, so if you're breastfeeding there may be multiple feedings while we are present. This is completely normal, and professional newborn photographers understand these things.

3.) Loosen his/her diaper before feeding, so that there are no lines while we are shooting. You can also remove the diaper if you feel comfortable doing that. This is mainly needed in shoots where the clothing will be removed.

4.) Jack the heat up! I usually have a space heater handy for these shoots, so be warned it can get rather warm during a newborn shoot. The heat helps them stay comfortable and sleepy if we are doing shots with little to no clothing on them.

5.) Have wipes and everything easily accessible. Newborns have accidents, and we want to ensure we remove any spit up or poopy on the child. Don't worry, we will bring extra blankets in the likely even that he/she messes on one.

6.) Schedule your session around your child's schedule feeding schedule. (See Tip #2).

7.) Bathe your newborn before we arrive, so your little one will be nice and clean during the shoot.

8.) Smoothe baby lotion over his/her skin after bathing, so the skin remains soft and supple. This will also help to reduce any of the dry/white skin that is common on their heads and feet after birth. Keep the lotion handy during the shoot, so we can reapply it if necessary. It can also be used to style your little one's hair or smooth it down.

9.) If you or your husband are going to be included in the shoot, don't forget lotion for your hands and feet. Have your nails trimmed and freshly painted.

10.) Relax!! A calm, stress-free atmosphere necessary for the best possible outcome. :)

I hope these tips have helped you, and as always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jennifer Brecheisen


Rock Hill SC

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