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Why Hire a Birth Photographer, and How Does it all Work?

Hiring a Birth Photographer is a wonderful way to continue to keep cherished memories for a lifetime. In childbirth there are many things you forget, many things you wish you could forget (haha), and many things you don't realize even happened! Birth Photographers cherish life and can give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to have those moments frozen in time. Sometimes I look back at the pictures of my children during childbirth and on first sight I can remembers smells, specific feelings, intangible things, etc just so many things that I would've never even thought about if it wasn't for those pictures. I've found pictures of my family and friends that I didn't even know were there or I had forgotten. I see the expressions on my face, my husband's face, and it takes me back to that moment when there was beauty, fragility, life! I see the moment when his head first came out, and it is astounding to me that I did that-it is unreal.

Hiring a Child Birth Photographer helps to ease your stress. Every photographer has a different style and personality. You may wish to find one that can be unobtrusive for this event, and you may have certain requests that you want them to fulfill. Whatever your wishes are, make sure they are discussed during the consultation, so the photographer can be sure he/she is right for you, and so they can make all the arrangements to fulfill your requests. When a Birth Photographer is present, you and the rest of the family can be at ease knowing that they don't have the task of capturing moments. You can focus on your body 100%, and those loved ones around you can focus on helping you through this process.

Choosing a Birth Photographer can be difficult. The most important thing is that you're comfortable around him or her and they have a soothing energy in your presence. Of course, image quality and style are all important, but when it comes down to it none of those things matter DURING the birth process. Once you've decided which photographer you want to go with, you always need to check with your doctors, and the hospital you will be delivering at to see if there are limitations on what can be done and when.

Stay in contact with your Birthing Photographer at least once a week in the last 2 months to keep them updated. A good Birthing Photographer will not schedule many of these in the same weeks/months due to the unpredictable nature of childbirth, but they will likely have other things scheduled. These updates help them to stay on top of things. Most birthing photographers have back up or assistants contracted to them around the due dates to help fulfill the needs of all of their customers.

As soon as you go into labor or think you're in labor and heading to the hospital, call your photographer! If it's a false alarm, a good birthing photographer will not mind, and they won't charge you any extra. Childbirth is so unpredictable-you could have your child in a couple of hours or it could take a day. Book your photographer for an alotted amount of time, and if the birth process is on the slow side for you, you may want to consider asking them to come back, so they can capture the actual birth and the time after.

I have birthing packages as well as first year of life packages to choose from, and I can always create a custom package just for you! I hope this information has helped you, and congrats!!

Jennifer Brecheisen

Birth Photographer

Rock Hill SC

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